Tennis Courts

Our neighborhood is fortunate to have fantastic tennis court facilities for the exclusive use of our residents.  If you have any questions or comments, please contact our Tennis Coordinator, Cory Fein at

Use of Tennis Courts

Tennis courts are for the use of Willowbridge/Stonebridge residents only.  Tennis tags are now required and must be worn or kept in a visible place while playing on the courts, in order to identify who should and should not be on our courts.  Each family is allowed up to 4 tags – 2  resident tags and 2 guest tags.  Given that we only have 2 courts, a large family may not be able to play all at once.

To register for a tennis tag, please complete the Tennis Tag Form and forward to our tennis coordinator, Cory Fein at

  • Residents will receive two green “member” tags and two “white” guest tags that have identical numbers on both of the tags.
  • Every guest must be accompanied by a resident host and wear the white tag that has the host member’s number.
  • Any resident who allows another player to use their tag agrees to forfeit their tennis court rights for twelve months.
  • If a guest plays with a guest tag without being accompanied at the courts by the member, the white guest tag will be confiscated indefinitely.

Tennis court rules are posted on the outside entrance fence.  Please be courteous to all tennis players and abide by the rules posted.


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