Soccer Field

Soccer Field Rules & Reservations

  • Charitable Groups with Non-salaried volunteers with at least 60% of participants being Willowbridge/Stonebridge residents will be allowed to use the field at No Charge for seasonal re-occurring events on a case by case basis, decided by the HOA Board.
  • Organized teams must complete an application and list a team roster with names and addresses of participants.
  • Groups or organizations with salaried employees will be charged $50 per hour for use of the Soccer Field.
  • The Soccer Field will still be available for Resident birthday parties by reservation.
  • Other single use events, by Residents, will be reviewed by the HOA Board on a Case by Case basis.
  • Participants in any activities scheduled on the field must clean up all trash, water and juice bottles/containers, etc. following use. Non-compliance will result in denial of use of the field in the future.
  • Event organizers will be required to bring their approved request to events.
  • Teams must share the field if another team requests the same date, time, etc. (if space allows)

Please e-mail Jay at to reserve the fields for your team.