When is trash day, and what items can I recycle?

As of December 3, 2015, Best Trash is our new garbage collection service.  They have provided detailed Garbage & Recycle Specifications for our reference.  This document can also be found under Forms & Documents.  For more information, please visit www.best-trash.com or call (281) 313-2378.

My neighbor has a dog who barks incessantly.  What can I do?

If you are not successful resolving the situation on your own, you may involve the HOA if it is a violation of our Deed Restrictions. Please refer to the Deed Restrictions (12Mb) and Pet Policy Resolution documents.  You can report deed violations by using the Contact Us link above.

There is a street light out on my street.  Who should I contact?

If you notice a street light out, please report it to CenterPoint Energy by calling (713) 207-2222.  Select Option “4” (for street light outages) and provide the 6-digit number (located approximately 5 feet up the light pole), the street name, and closest address.

What is the A.R.C.?

The A.R.C. is your Architectural Review Committee. Although the deed restrictions refer to it as the “ACC”, it is more commonly known as “The ARC” (which is easier to remember) and is appointed by the Board of Directors. The members of the ARC are all homeowners within Willowbridge/Stonebridge and are strictly volunteers, as are the board members.  They are responsible for ensuring that all deed restrictions and guidelines pertaining to the appearance and maintainance of the homes of our neighborhood and any improvements made to them are properly enforced. They follow the deed restrictions in maintaining the integrity and value of each home by collectively discussing all violations noted by Graham Management and all improvements requested by the homeowner. They then vote with majority rule and inform Graham Management of their decision who in turn, notifies the homeowner.  All contact between the ARC and the homeowner is conducted through Graham Management.

Are painted front doors allowed in Willowbridge/Stonebridge?

Yes, they are, but only in APPROVED tans, browns and blacks.  Just as stain samples are required PRIOR to staining a door, paint chips or samples are required before painting.  When you are ready to either paint or stain, you must submit the color sample WITH the ARC request form and get your approval first.  This rule also applies when refinishing your door with the same color so PCMI knows when your door was last refinished.  If you have recently bought a home with an existing painted front door and the color is not tan, brown or black, (the previous owner was in violation and never cured it), you as the new owner are responsible for either repainting, restaining or replacing the door altogether.

My block captain has asked for my home e-mail address.  Is this allowed and if so, will my privacy be protected?

Yes, your block captain needs your e-mail address.  He or she should have an e-mail address for every home on their street.  Your privacy will most definitely be protected as the block captains are NOT allowed to give out your e-mail address to anyone.  E-mail addresses are used for one purpose only and that is to keep you informed of any crime in our neighborhood and the surrounding areas.  Block captains are responsible for letting you know about any arrests and any emergency situations regarding the security of our neighborhood.  You will also be notified about any events that take place such as the Annual National Night Out, self-defense classes for women and children, etc.  Your awareness of what goes on within our local area is extremely important because that may allow you to inform a friend or neighbor who hasn’t had a chance to check their e-mail about an urgent situation.