In an Emergency…


The Houston Police and Fire Departments urges citizens to CLEARLY post their address:

  • Consider the viewpoint of the driver of an emergency response vehicle driving down your street.
  • Make sure such a driver is able to read your numbers—perhaps in the dark, in the wintertime, all while approaching quickly.

WHAT CAN YOU DO?   A Few Simple Steps:

  • A minimum number height of 6” (inches) is desired—make them large enough to be seen easily from the road/street.
  • While numbers may already be posted on a building, they may not be visible from the road/street.
  • Post your numbers as many times as necessary so your address is visible from ALL directions traffic may approach.
  • If the driveway serves more than one building, post ALL numbers at the driveway entrance, and also post the numbers on the buildings.
  • Illuminate your numbers when it is dark outside—use reflective painted numbers, or use a porch light, a nearby street light a direct spotlight or purchase electrically-illuminated numbers.
  • Trim bushes and trees to keep numbers visible.
  • Be sure to move hanging flower baskets, wood piles, tarps, flags, wind socks, parked vehicles, etc. out from in front of your numbers.
  • If you remove numbers due to construction or painting of your building, temporarily post your numbers elsewhere making sure they’re still visible from the street.

Remember if it is a true emergency call 911.