Annual Events

Willowbridge/Stonebridge Spring Festival 

We are looking for a bright, energetic person to chair our Annual Spring Festival!  All of the information needed to quickly coordinate the event is available in electronic format, and can be transferred via e-mail easily.  This is a great opportunity to utilize or gain project management skills/experience.  If you are interested in chairing the festival, please send an e-mail to  Thanks!!

The Spring Festival is typically held on a weekend in April or May, and includes moonwalks and inflatables, food, DJ, and much more!  This event is FREE for residents of Willowbridge or Stonebridge.

National Neighbors Night Out

National Night Out Festival is typically held on the 1st Tuesday of October at the Willowbridge Club house from 6:00-8:00pm.  Come join the fun and festivties. Come meet our deputies and learn how to fight back agaist Crime. Block Parties are typically held from 8:00-9:00 pm on various streets throught the nieghborhood.