Deed Restrictions & A.R.C

Deed Restriction Issues are handled by community members who have volunteered their time to be on the Architectural Review Committee (ARC).

Contact Graham Management (hereinafter referred to as “management company”) at (713) 334-8000 if you have any questions or would like to get involved with this committee. If you would like a form to request approval for any modifications to your residence and/or property, please download the ARC Request Form and submit your request.

For more information, please read the following documents.

What is the A.R.C.?

The A.R.C. is your Architectural Review Committee. Although the deed restrictions refer to it as the “ACC”, it is more commonly known as “The ARC” (which is easier to remember) and is appointed by the Board of Directors. The members of the ARC are all homeowners within Willowbridge/Stonebridge and are strictly volunteers, as are the board members.

They are responsible for ensuring that all deed restrictions and guidelines pertaining to the appearance and maintainance of the homes of our neighborhood and any improvements made to them are properly enforced. They follow the deed restrictions in maintaining the integrity and value of each home by collectively discussing all violations noted by the management company and all improvements requested by the homeowner. They then vote with majority rule and inform the management company of their decision who in turn, notifies the homeowner.

All contact between the ARC and the homeowner is conducted through the management company.

Approved Roof Colors – updated 2/24/11

A properly completed application must be submitted to property management company prior to the installation of any roof replacement to your home. The application must include one of the two HOA board approved shingle colors and the manufacturers name of the replacement shingles that you wish to install to your home.  The following shingle colors and manufacturers are approved by the HOA board for use on your home: “Weathered wood” by any manufacturer and “Driftwood” by Owens Corning.

The application will then be forwarded to the ARC for review.  If application meets the criteria listed in the ARC guidelines, it will be approved.  The homeowner will be notified either by email or letter as soon as possible, so that installation may be scheduled.