Trash Schedule

Contrary to what is being said on some social media outlets, the Willowbridge/Stonebridge Trash Schedule has NOT changed.

Mondays - Trash and Recycle
Thursdays - Trash ONLY
(Heavy Trash is picked up on both Monday and Thursday)

Trash is not picked up on the following holidays and will be picked-up the next regular scheduled pick-up day:

New Year's Day
Memorial Day
July 4th
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day

If recycling day falls on a holiday it will be picked up the next week on the normal scheduled day.
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Willowbridge Pool


The HOA Board and Graham Management apologize for the unexpected closure of the pool over the past several days. We are well aware of the issues with the pool and we are working hard with our management company and pool company to get the water quality back to normal. We hope to have the pool open for regular hours by this weekend at the latest.

Just some background:

The pool has been experiencing some mechanical and filtering issues for several days. Our pool company has been onsite trying address the issues and get them resolved as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, it has been a domino affect.

5/24: Sweetwater was made aware of the green water color. (The pool was closed per schedule as we were not in Full Season yet)
5/25: Main drain motor for the pool died and Sweetwater installed a new one the next day.
5/29: Pool continued to be murky and was shocked. Pool remained open with portions closed.
5/30: Pool closed for normal maintenance and to continue investigating why the water quality was not improving. (FYI - the pool is typically closed the Tuesday after Memorial Day for normal/regular cleaning)
5/31: Pool closed because of water quality issues
6/1: Pool to open at 12:30 (Fingers crossed)
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